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A cover/title page for an exhibit regarding coins of colonial St. Augustine

A hand-colored map of the Pacific ocean and surrounding land masses

A series of cards and mock labels used to plan the layout of museum exhibits concerning colonial life

Museum Tech Notebook_3.jpg
Notes and citations regarding the construction of a wattle and daub wall

Museum Tech Notebook_8.jpg
Detailed notes regarding opening, closing, and donation procedures for various buildings at the Spanish Quarter

Museum Tech Notebook_10.jpg
A memorandum regarding charcoal usage, resupply, and record keeping

Museum Tech Notebook_11.jpg
Notes and diagrams regarding the installation of adjustable flag poles

Museum Tech Notebook_18.jpg
A list of carpentry projects assigned to various volunteers

Museum Tech Notebook_19.jpg
Notes and diagrams outlining repairs made to the blacksmith shop's forge

Museum Tech Notebook_20.jpg
A list of safety guidelines pertaining to the blacksmith's shop

Museum Tech Notebook_13.jpg
Details regarding reproduced cookware made by Ceramica de EspaƱa for use by the Spanish Quarter
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