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Apothecary Jars.jpg
Lists outlining the placement and contents of apothecary jars.

Military Hospital_1.jpg
Notes on surgeon's tools, apothecary procedures, and ward policies.

Gomez notes_1.jpg
Notes and questions regarding the activities of Lorenzo Gomez and the workings of his shop


De Mesa-Sanchez_1.jpg
Notes on possible interpretive topics for the Gonzales family site

De Mesa-Sanchez_2.jpg
Common questions and answers regarding the creation of candles in the 18th century

Men's Clothing_1.jpg
An overview of men's clothing in the 18th century with proofreading marks

Men's Clothing_7.jpg
Notes regarding men's hairstyles, wigs, and hair care in the 18th century - an addendum to the Men's Clothing Report

A handwritten, hand-drawn book of embroidery designs pulled from various 18th century sources. Includes sewing tips and common applications for embroidery.

A series of frequently asked questions and their answers pertaining to the history of St. Augustine in the 1740s

A series of interpretive hints for Colonial Spanish Quarter guides and volunteers

A series of restrictions for the Colonial Spanish Quarter's guides and volunteers

A series of dates and events relevant to St. Augustine's history

Approval from the Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board has been granted to the Colonial Spanish Quarter regarding the keeping of chickens

The Colonial Spanish Quarter's application regarding the keeping of chickens

The Colonial Spanish Quarter's application regarding the keeping of chickens

Diagrams outlining the placement and construction of a chicken yard at the Colonial Spanish Quarter

A descriptive map of the Colonial Spanish Quarter site with added notations regarding citrus placement

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A map of the Colonial Spanish Quarter indicating the location of citrus plants

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Citrus tree registration tags bearing the number #47222379


How to be a good interpreter_1.jpg
Notes for a 1:00 meeting on interpretation
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