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De Mesa_8.jpg
A proposal regarding signage that displays the evolution of the De Mesa-Sanchez house

Biographies - Spanish_1.jpg
The Menéndez Márquez family tree

Correspondence from Charles Dale to E. B. Whitty regarding the growing of tobacco in 18th century St. Augustine, including a notice of facsimile transmission

Correspondence between Ruiz Diapen and John Ellenwood regarding a gift of teazel seeds

The Colonial Spanish Quarter's application regarding the keeping of chickens

The Colonial Spanish Quarter's application regarding the keeping of chickens

A descriptive map of the Colonial Spanish Quarter site with added notations regarding citrus placement

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Pocket Patterns_1.jpg
A handwritten, hand-drawn book of embroidery designs for pockets pulled from various 18th century sources. Includes sewing tips.

Notes on the blacksmith's shop's interpretive plan at the Colonial Quarter

Notes and diagrams regarding historic carpentry techniques as they apply to St. Augustine

A proposal for the construction of a coquina hearth by the Gallegos house at the Colonial Spanish Quarter

Proposal for the construction of an enclosure with a thatch roof and wattle-and-daub walls at the Colonial Spanish Quarter

Notes on intra-yard fencing


Museum Tech Notebook_21.jpg
A list of items made in the blacksmith's shop for the Spanish Quarter's maintenance department

Museum Tech Notebook_18.jpg
A list of carpentry projects assigned to various volunteers

Museum Tech Notebook_12.jpg
Notes and diagrams regarding the modern reconstruction of a forge at the De Hita house (Taberna de Caballo)

Museum Tech Notebook_11.jpg
Notes and diagrams regarding the installation of adjustable flag poles

Museum Tech Notebook_10.jpg
A memorandum regarding charcoal usage, resupply, and record keeping

Museum Tech Notebook_3.jpg
Notes and citations regarding the construction of a wattle and daub wall

Approval from the Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board has been granted to the Colonial Spanish Quarter regarding the keeping of chickens
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