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Recommended Reading for the Carpenter
A list of recommended resources that regard historic carpentry

Frequently Asked Questions - Carpentry
A series of frequently asked questions and their answers pertaining to carpentry in 1740s St. Augustine

Notes on St. Augustine's Infrastructure
Incomplete notes regarding the construction of St. Augustine's infrastructure

Woodwright Shop Inventory
A list of items belonging in the Colonial Spanish Quarter's woodwright shop

Ramada Interpretation
Notes and diagrams regarding historic carpentry techniques as they apply to St. Augustine

Timucuan Villages - Diagrams
Notes and diagrams regarding the construction of Timucuan structures

Hearth Construction Proposal
A proposal for the construction of a coquina hearth by the Gallegos house at the Colonial Spanish Quarter

Ramada Enclosure Proposal
Proposal for the construction of an enclosure with a thatch roof and wattle-and-daub walls at the Colonial Spanish Quarter

Intra-Yard Fencing Notes
Notes on intra-yard fencing
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