From 1963 to 2011, the Spanish Quarter of St. Augustine, Florida stood as a living history museum devoted to the demonstration of historic lifeways of the 1740s.  Blacksmithing, gardening, carpentry, weaving, printing, and other skills were researched and practiced by museum staff, precipitating the compilation of relevant documentation.

This digital archive represents an effort to preserve the research and correspondence conducted by those involved with the Spanish Quarter as an object of remembrance and nostalgia.

Recently Added Items

Coins of Colonial St. Augustine Exhibit Layout


A cover/title page for an exhibit regarding coins of colonial St. Augustine

Pacific Map Exhibit Layout


A hand-colored map of the Pacific ocean and surrounding land masses

Tools, Implements, & Colonial Lifeways - Assorted Labels and Layouts


A series of cards and mock labels used to plan the layout of museum exhibits concerning colonial life